Calabar Beaded Mask

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Calabar beaded mask - Home Decor (wall Mask)

The Calabar Beaded Mask exhibits the beauty of the “Ekpe” dance in Calabar. The beaded face mask showcases the rich culture of the Calabars as they adore their bodies with colourful beads which radiates under sun as they display their dancing skills. Each bead is well placed on the face mask with the right proportions giving it a definite look.  The craftsmanship is seen in the carvings done on the wood work with each stroke coming together to form a detailed craft.


Height ~ 7 inches 

Length ~ 5.5 inches 

width ~ 4 inches

Weight ~ 4 lbs 


Available as a pair or single 


Calabar Beaded Mask
Calabar Beaded Mask
Calabar Beaded Mask